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System Architecture and Design

" The numbers are both staggering and disturbing. As an industry, 31% of software projects fail and over 50% more go over budget or over schedule in order to complete."

-- Modern Web Technology Statistic

One of the largest contributing factors to these project derailments is poor communication of requirements and expectations. Just as effort and cost would expand dramatically if you wanted to add a second floor to a single-story house after near completion - project features that get added in the 11th hour are far more time consuming and costly than if considered at the onset of the project design phase.

What is a Functional Specification Document - and Why Do You Need One?

A Functional Specifications document is a clear road map for ALL PARTIES to use as a guide for what will be included (and how) within the scope of a project. Klotnet Software has written countless functional specifications allowing:

(a) us to understand what the project deliverables are and have clear expectations of how they should be built
(b) our customers to have a clear understanding of how we've interpreted their requirements BEFORE a single line of software code is written.

What if we already have a development vendor/team?

A correctly stated functional specifications document that accurately states requirements as they pertain to both business AND technology interfaces is a critical project asset. Even if you already have a development staff, bringing in an expert for the initial design phase can go a long way in minimizing project risk and ensuring your final product is on time and on budget.

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