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Project Lifecycle Management

Technology projects have different challenges and different complexities than other types of projects. Whether your technology project is about to start - or is mid-way and showing signs of trouble, Klotnet can bring immediate value to your team.

" My wife and I did a lot of research and checking into web site development companies to work with as we started our business. To make it brief, even after spending time with each of them and one of them coming as a reference from a credible individual, both took our money and either didn't deliver or couldn't deliver the level of technology that we needed.

Then, we were referred to Klotnet and Eric Klotzko.

We started working with them with reservations, since we had already had two bad experiences with web site companies. What a difference! Eric and his team are outstanding! They not only said they could deliver, they DID deliver! They are also refreshing in their approach to making sure that the client's vision and details are fully understood. Again, other companies act and look like they do, but Klotnet did. Our thanks to Eric and his team for their professionalism and outstanding talent and skills! "

-- Ed Lewellen
Fashion Infatuation

We've been at the helm of projects ranging in all shapes, sizes, technologies and industries. The best practices and experience that we will bring to your team will bring your project onto rails and keep it there. You can count on direct and comprehensive communication to your business stake-holders and specific, no-bones requirements interfacing and validation with the technology team.

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Give us a call if you want to have a FREE consultation to discuss your individual business / technology goals. The call is FREE and your sure to gain some insight into how to get your technology project on the rails.

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