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Internet Marketing

If you've build your web property and now your sitting back awaiting Internet traffic to land upon your site without further intervention - you're probably quite disappointed in the outcome.

" If you build it, they will come."

-- Ray Kinsella
Field of Dreams, 1989

The fact is, creating and maintaining traffic to your web site is an ongoing task that requires attention.

At Klotnet, we understand that keeping up on the latest in Internet advertising and social networking may not be at the top of our customer's agendas... so we do it for you. Below is a sample of the type of comprehensive marketing strategies that we employ for our customers. Call us today to discuss how we can maximize any marketing budget that you set to drive the most traffic possible to your web property.


“ As a marketing consultant, it’s critical that I work with a website designer and developer that is creative, responsive, accountable, and technologically savvy. That’s why I find myself going back to Klotnet for help with my various clients in film, non-profit, financial services, and technology. They really do a great job for me and my clients. "

-- Aruna Inalsingh, Ani Marketing Service