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US Army - Office of Economics and Manpower Assessment

Klotnet Builds Human Capital Management Software That Helps in Haiti

Klotnet is no stranger to building and maintaining Job Boards for Human Resources Departments and Government Agencies - in fact - we've been involved with dozens of Job Board implementations. In 2009, we had an opportunity to build a Human Capital Management pilot application for the US Army... and we thought: "Sure - another Job Board"! Part of the way through the project, the disaster in Haiti occurred and it became obvious that the Army's leadership was going to be needed on the ground.

Klotnet's "job board pilot" project was called into action and was able to report to the Army which of it's 300,000 active duty officers speak Haitian-Creole and how many of those people have actually been to Haiti before. Our small pilot application was a drop in the bucket compared to the sacrifices made by countless others to assist the people of Haiti in their time of need - nevertheless - we are proud to have been able to harness technology to help Haiti in a small way.


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-- Aruna Inalsingh, Ani Marketing Service