Klotnet Software

Streamline Your Business Operations.
Flexible and Extensible Business Software Solutions.

Whether your launching a new web site or application or ready to extend the functionality of your current solution, we can help size you for the right hosting technology.

One of the principle rules of efficiency is to focus on what your core business offerings - and outsource everything else. Klotnet Software has been offering reliable and extensible web, business application and email hosting for nearly 15 years. We partner with large, enterprise class data centers to offer you the stability of a large data center coupled with the convenience and assistance of a boutique technology shop.

Our solutions are extensible - allowing you to start with an economic solution today - and grow into a larger technology footprint as your business grows. An overview of our hosting offerings are:

  • Shared, Virtual or Dedicated Hosting Plans
  • Linux and Windows Hosting Plans Available
  • Unlimited Configuration Options
  • "Off the Rack" MySQL databases with Admin Interfaces Available
  • "Off the Rack" Blog Features (Geeklog, Lifetype, reBlog, Serendipity, WordPress)
  • Support for all major languages (Java, Ruby, PHP, Perl, ASP.NET, Classic ASP, ColdFusion, etc.)
  • Plus countless other features (e.g., project management tools, social networking frameworks, web site add-ons, Wikis, chat software, etc.)
  • All hosting includes: 24x7 FTP access, World-Class Data Centers, Daily Backups and Best-of-Breed Routers, Firewalls & Servers
Need SMB Web Hosting?

“ With web site hosting starting from $12 per month and email offerings starting from $3 per mailbox per month - we can help you dial into exactly what solution fits your operational needs. "

-- Klotnet Software, 2016